About me

I’m a writer, Editor in Chief of the Asia Literary Review and was a Trustee of the Poetry Society from 2011-2013.




2 Responses to About me

  1. Hi Martin – I am an Australian author considering submissions to the review, but getting mixed messages about “payment for contributions”. Is it yes, or no? Don’t want to waste both our time if the review doesn’t pay. Could you clarify, please?

    • Dear Ron,

      Thanks for the message. The general rule is that the Review doesn’t pay. I’ll try to make this clearer on our Submissions page. Writers and staff contribute their work and time without fees or pay. And that includes me!

      But it’s a great magazine and it has a good audience worldwide. I’d be pleased to see some of your work, but understand why you’re reluctant to submit without a fee.

      All the best,


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